White Fish, Four Ways
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We noticed a clever feature by food columnist Mark Bittman in yesterday’s New York Times Magazine (October 2).
In it, he provides a solution for the fear that grips many dinner party hosts… that the meal will prove disappointing or worse.
As he wrote, “…a dinner party is rarely the time for spontaneity, even for veterans, and for those who are unsure of their skills, a dinner party can be downright terrifying.”
So Bittman devised what he called the Dinner Party Matrix, “a mini-cookbook featuring 48 recipes, from drinks to dessert, with starters and main courses in between.”
Fortunately for seafood lovers, Bittman included offer four easy and tasty looking recipes for white fish (e.g., cod, halibut, sablefish)… simple but sophisticated creations that would likely suit tuna or salmon, too: 
Click here for Bittman’s entire Dinner Party Matrix, which allows you create mix-and-match menus, from a roster of recipes grouped, as he put it, “vaguely by region.”
Hint: Instead of making a starter from scratch, simply serve a savory Vital Choice soup as the starter course… or add seafood and serve it as a main course seafood stew!

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