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Goddess Moms' Student Care Package - 2 Month

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Bestselling whole-health expert Christiane Northrup, M.D. suggested that we offer Student Care Packages.

Dr. Northrup's goal is to help ensure that college students far from home get the healthful, brain-boosting nutrition of foods rich in protein, vitamin D, antioxidants, and omega-3s.

And to replace the junky snacks found in most institutions, we've included two highly healthful whole-food treats – Organic Trail Mix and Organic Extra Dark Chocolate – rich in antioxidants and other brainy food factors.

• Omega-3 Wild Salmon Oil & Vitamin D3 Daily Dose Packs - 60 packs 
• Wild Skinless-Boneless Wild Sockeye Salmon - 12 single-serving cans*
• Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna - 12 single-serving cans*
• Organic Super Antioxidant Trail Mix (sixteen 2-oz Snack Packs)
• Organic Wild Blueberry Dark Chocolate (four 2-oz bars)

*NOTE: The cans included in this pack may come with easy-open or plain (opener required) tops.

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are essential to optimal brain function, starting before birth and continuing through college years and beyond. 

Unfortunately, more than most Americans', students' diets often lack omega-3s. Likewise, few students eat enough healthful nuts and fruits, which are rich in brain-enhancing antioxidants.

Here are some important points about each product in our "Brain Food Pack" for college kids — or anyone in need of a tasty but healthful care package!

Omega-3-rich salmon oil and canned fish
Our wild harvested fish and our unique wild Salmon oil are certified pure and sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)!
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil
Thanks to the documented, lab-certified purity of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, our unique fish oil doesn't need to be chemcially refined. 
In addition to ample omega-3 fatty acids, it's naturally rich in the potent orange antioxidant called astaxanthin. 
And ours was the first fish oil in the world certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon 
If you've only had supermarket brands of canned salmon, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! 

The rich red color of its luscious meat and brimming Salmon oil reveal the rare culinary and nutritional quality of Vital Choice Wild Sockeye — the succulent fruit of stringent purchasing and processing standards.
When it comes to eating quality, canned salmon, Sockeye Salmon is far superior to canned Pink Salmon, which constitutes most canned salmon and is often mushy and bland.

We pick only the finest Alaskan and Canadian Sockeye, and process it more carefully than national brands — ours is the firmest, freshest tasting canned salmon you'll ever taste!

Canned Pacific Albacore Tuna
Our sustainably troll-caught canned Albacore Tuna is cooked only once, to preserve its fresh flavor, firm texture, and healthful omega-3s. (National brands are cooked twice, producing much lower levels of omega-3s.)

And our Tuna has far lower levels of mercury compared with national brands, because we pick only younger, smaller fish, sustainably troll-caught and hand-selected by our friend and neighbor Paul Hill.

Antioxidant rich super food snacks
Our Student Brain Food Pack includes two deliciously healthful snacks:
Organic Super Antioxidant Trail Mix and Organic Extra Wild Blueberry Dark Chocolate Bar.

The antioxidants that abound in berries, nuts, and extra dark chocolate have shown brain- and health-enhancing effects in hundreds of studies. Together, they make ideal substitutes for chips, candy, and other junky staples of standard student care-packages.

Organic Super-Antioxidant Trail Mix
Our 100% Organic Super-Antioxidant Trail Mix is the perfect stamina-boosting companion for sports, biking, hiking, kayaking, or any vigorous activity that burns energy and entails endurance.

It also makes a super-healthful snack for long plane and car rides, and a tasty, nutritious, colorful topping for cereal, granola, yogurt, and salads!

Organic Super-Antioxidant Trail Mix includes:
  • Organic Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Pistachios,
  • Organic Raisins, and Dried Cranberries*, Blueberries* and Goji Berries.
The Trail Mix comes in 2-oz Snack Packs perfect for portion control and for people on the go!

Organic, Fair-Trade Wild Blueberry Dark Chocolate
Our premium-quality chocolate is crafted with intensely aromatic cacao grown sustainably and equitably in Latin America and the Caribbean.

These bars in our Student Pack feature tasty bits of our wild Organic Blueberries, and boast a whopping 80% cocoa solids, for deep, rich flavor and extraordinary antioxidant power.

The antioxidant capacity of cocoa solids is the highest of any food tested to date. And unlike most brands, the cocoa in our bars is not processed with antioxidant-killing alkali.

The flavanol antioxidants abundant in extra-dark chocolate are proven to help prevent damaging oxidation of LDL cholesterol, open arteries and enhance their functioning, reduce blood stickiness, and increase blood flow to the brain.

Savored sparingly, our Extra-Dark Organic Chocolate is as healthful as it is soul-satisfying.

Note: The saturated fat in cocoa butter is stearic acid, which has no effect on blood cholesterol levels.

2-Month Student Brain Food Pack 

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Omega-3 Wild Salmon Oil & Vitamin D3 Daily Dose Packs - 60 packs
Wild Skinless-Boneless Wild Sockeye Salmon - 12 single-serving cans
Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna - 12 single-serving cans
Organic Super Antioxidant Trail Mix (sixteen 2-oz Snack Packs)
Organic Wild Blueberry Dark Chocolate (two 2-oz bars)

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Wild Skinless-Boneless Wild Sockeye Salmon - 6 single-serving cans
Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna - 6 single-serving cans
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