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Canned Ventresca (Albacore Tuna Bellies) in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3.75 oz

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Average Ratings: 4.9


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"ventresca tuna"

Barbara Woodamnsee on 1/28/2015 10:28:57 AM


Review: It's the best tuna I've ever had. I love it, It has so much flavor that there is no need to put anything on it.


Jean Green on 12/27/2014 6:52:40 AM


Review: The best tuna I ever had, also have given to people as gifts and we all love it because there is no waste.


Barbara Woodmansee on 12/24/2014 4:58:03 PM


Review: This is the most delicious tuna I've ever had.


Olivia on 12/12/2014 2:52:39 PM


Review: This little can of tuna is so loaded with healthy omega-3's! It is moist, delicate, and super tasty. A real power food :)

"Tuna Bellies for breakfast"

Ellen Lelasher on 12/5/2014 4:59:09 AM


Review: What a treat. These bellies are delicious. I ate it right out of the can for breakfast. Do yourself a favor and buy some, you won't be disappointed.

"Ventresca tuna"

Barbara Woodmansee on 11/12/2014 11:50:03 AM


Review: Absolutely delicious. The best tuna I've ever had.

"Melts in your mouth..."

Maureen Sullivan on 10/30/2014 8:13:56 AM


Review: Best you'll ever experience out of a can. Let's face it - it's an outrageous price for a half can of tuna, but once you taste it you will have a difficult time going back to the regular stuff. The meat is so tender and moist that you won't want to put it on bread. Tastes like dessert. Even if you can afford to only buy it once, you've got to try it.


Martha Metacarpa on 10/25/2014 7:37:15 AM


Review: This is the best tuna, moist and sumptuous. I will never eat any other canned tuna again.

"Very Good"

Debbie on 10/20/2014 6:33:12 AM


Review: I thought this tuna was excellent, my only complaint would be the salt content, just my personal preference, it was a little on the salty side. The salmon I ordered was just as good but without the salty taste. Overall wonderful texture and product. " Vital Choice Customer Service Response - At this time we do not offer the Ventresca in a Natural Pack/No Salt option however we do offer our Albacore Tuna in a no salt version which you may also enjoy."

"Thee Best"

Debi on 9/11/2014 8:09:59 AM


Review: It is so silky and creamy - only kind I buy now. Not gritty and dry at all.

"most delicious"

naomi on 8/29/2014 1:28:17 PM


Review: best tuna I've ever had in my life!!


Alexis S on 8/11/2014 7:51:56 AM


Review: What can I say but delicious best tasting ever!


Joy on 7/17/2014 8:44:12 AM


Review: My toddler and I love having this for lunch every Tuesday! It's so delicious, I actually look forward to Tuesdays!!!

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this ventresca!"

Patti on 6/29/2014 10:47:05 AM


Review: This is my favorite go-to meal or snack especially when I'm in a hurry - straight out of the can on water crackers.

"The Ultimate"

Lois Brace on 6/23/2014 4:21:48 AM


Review: I made several purchases with Vital Choice and thought that I'd give this tuna a try. Being that I thought tuna in a can is just that, "tuna in a can", I bought 6 cans of the Ventresca. OMG!!! With the first bite, I can say that this is the BEST tuna I have EVER eaten! It is so tender and so delicious! I gave a taste to my husband. He thought it was delicious. He said it was really too good to be wasted on tuna salad. He will eat it right out of the can. There's not a lot of oil in it, so I just mix the oil in with the tuna and eat it like that. I LOVE Vital Choice brand of seafood. Am ordering more today.

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