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Sockeye Salmon - 5 Lbs of Random Weight Skin-On Portions

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"5lbs of Random wt sockeye salmon"

Patricia Eaton on 10/30/2014 8:11:51 AM


Review: Really enjoyed this selection as I have in the past. Very economical for the quality. Also was very pleased with the new eco friendly shipping.

"Sockeye Salmon Skin-on"

Stephanie Porath on 10/18/2014 12:07:29 PM


Review: This is the best salmon I have ever had! I also, purchased the seasonings from Vital Choice to rub on salmon. It is easy to prepare and my family loves it. At Christmas time I purchase extra and give it out as gifts.

"no bones!"

Amy Fordham on 10/16/2014 7:10:53 PM


Review: Tastes very good even if I have overcooked slightly, and I have been so happy that there are none of the tiny bones that I tend to find in almost all of the salmon that I buy locally.

"Sockeye Salmon Random Weight"

Anne Clare Gibert on 10/1/2014 12:56:05 AM


Review: For the price and the free delivery, I can't see fault with this great and healthy fish. The pieces are not as thick as I might prefer, but the quality is still very high - deep red color, fresh ocean smell and delightful buttery taste.

"Awesome high quality Salmon"

Sherrie VanDolah on 9/4/2014 10:28:16 AM


Review: I have been a customer of Vital choice for about 7 years. The Salmon is the best I ever tasted. I am very pleased to know there is a sustainable salmon you can buy online, and have delivered right to your door, and the cost is not much more than if you buy salmon at your local grocery store... The Salmon you buy at local grocery stores, is usually farm raised, contains chemicals, and the fish are fed a certain diet, I sure do not want my family eating that... By Far, Vital Choice has the highest quality salmon, I have ever tasted.. their customer service is awesome to say the least...

"Sockeye Salmon"

Juliann on 8/7/2014 6:28:06 AM


Review: Freshest most delicious salmon I have ever had, yum!!!

"Random Weight Skin-On Sockeye Perfect for the Grill"

Pam Gram on 8/2/2014 11:53:58 AM


Review: I am a caterer where my clients wanted a healthy, farm to table, wild caught or free range dinner. I purchased the 5 lb. Sockeye Salmon to fulfill my client's wish. The product came frozen and well packaged. The salmon was beautiful in color and cooked perfectly on the grill. Covering the lid made it possible that the fish did not need to be flipped and it cooked perfectly. When I need a great quality product, I will order from Vital Choice again.

"Excellent Quality, Great Value"

S. A. on 7/24/2014 6:41:24 AM


Review: Delicious, high-quality fishmoney well spent. Will buy again.

"Sockeye Salmon"

June Hertenstein on 6/14/2014 7:28:56 AM


Review: Please see review of Halibut...All Vital Choice fish is the best..Superb

"Sockeye Salmon"

Anne Mallory on 5/15/2014 10:48:10 AM


Review: I hate to eat fish so my husband suggested we try Vital Choice! I like fish now! It was so fresh tasting !


Robert O'Connor on 4/16/2014 8:57:03 AM


Review: none better on the market, you won't believe the quality and taste

"um umm good"

patricia a ringsdorf on 4/11/2014 6:18:58 AM


Review: It is wonderful to have a company that u can trust to have the healthiest food available plus the most delish!! Thanks from a very greatful consumer

"Excellent as usual"

Dorothea Laster on 4/10/2014 12:09:24 AM


Review: The skn on random size salmon was excellent as usual. I recommend it.

"Great Salmon"

dana on 4/2/2014 6:48:41 AM


Review: Loved the salmon. Store bought sockeye doesn't even compare!

"Sockeye Salmon- 5# random weight"

Ina Jean Lively on 12/17/2013 8:04:23 AM


Review: I have been getting this product for over 10 years and think it is the best buy in healthy eating I ever make!

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