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Wild Salmon Skin Pet Chews - 3.5 oz

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"Best and most healthy treats ever!"

Kathleen Schlenz on 4/30/2014 4:23:45 AM


Review: so many dog treats are toxic and coming from China, and though raw bones are an alternative , they can cause cracked teeth, so these wild salmon skins are just the perfect alternative. Most dogs are deficient in Omega 3's, just like people, so not only do the dogs just love the taste it is good for them too. My dogs will gnaw these for a good long time and they soften up as they chew them so that the chew starts to help clean their teeth like dental floss does for ours.

"Our dogs LOVE these."

Anna on 8/3/2013 12:56:19 PM


Review: These are a HUGE hit with all three of our dogs (two toy poodles and a Bichon). It's unusual for them to all adore the same treat equally, but they do. They are a little messy when they eat them in the house on the floor, but it's super easy to clean up and worth it for how they love them.

"My dog loves these"

Marci on 8/15/2011 7:55:00 PM


Review: My dog LOVES these! He does a happy dance and tosses it in the air and flips his head back in sheer joy before settling down to chew it up. I feel much better giving him these than the chemical-laden treats at the pet store.


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