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Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil - 8 Fluid oz

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"Liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil"

Ann Edelman on 12/1/2013 10:13:18 AM


Review: I got this for our dog. We always give him fish oil daily for his joints, coat, and overall health. I recently started giving him this salmon oil and what a difference! This is so pure with a bright red-orange color. Our dog loves it! This is the best, and his fur is so healthy!!

"Misprint +Math"

Mac Low on 4/1/2012 7:38:59 AM



Tobben review and post of Vital Choice response, indicates that the Vit A content in 10 grams of Salmon Oil, is 7,200 IU.
First, 10 grams of the 'oil' is barely 1 Tablespoon. -3/4 Teaspoon lists only 360 IU Vit A. That would come out to 1,440 IU per Tablespoon, per 12 grams of 'oil', aprox. I think you all confused the oil itself, with Total omega-3s. If you take 10 grams of total Omega-3s a day, via the oil, that would mean you took 7 Tablespoons of Salmon Oil. That would come out to 16,000 Total omega-3s. Of course, that would not be advised. V.C. is great!
Thanks, Mac ... the confusion arises because we inadvertently misstated the amount of vitamin A in the liquid oil, which, as in our salmon oil capsules, is 2060 IU per 3/4 tsp (3 gram) serving, not 340 IU. Thus, the average amount in 10-11 grams is 7209 IU, which we rounded to 7200 IU.
FYI, the latest sockeye harvest providing our oil contained much lower levels of vitamin A, so the vitamin A numbers in the nutrition panels for all of our salmon oil supplements will be changed (reduced) when we start shipping that new batch. It is normal for the levels of omega-3s, vitamin A, and other nutrients to fluctuate in wild salmon, due to seasonal changes in their diet and other variables.


William Tobben on 3/5/2012 7:02:18 AM



I quite like this fish oil and have been a user of it for over four years. My concern lies with the amount of Vitamin A it contains. I like to take nine or 10 grams of fish oil daily, yet taking that much of this oil would load me up with way more Vitamin A than I believe would be safe, much less therapeutic. I'm interested in other perspectives.
We join public health authorities in recommending 250-500mg of EPA+DHA daily, and one 3-gram serving of our salmon oil provides 460 mg.
The amount of vitamin A in 10 grams of our fish oil is very substantial (about 7,210 IU), and could be problematic in terms of blocking vitamin D uptake.
We do NOT recommend taking 10 grams of our salmon oil (or any fish oil) daily, as that is wholly unnecessary and has no support from medical research.


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