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Vital Red™ Wild Antarctic Krill Oil 1000mg - 60 Count

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"Great product"

Edward Arnold on 10/16/2014 5:45:25 AM


Review: No fish smell, no fish aftertaste. We feel confident that we are buying a great product. We have been vital choice customers for years, all our fish is sent to us. That was why we reviewed the krill oil, we are happy customers!

"Great quality"

Everest on 10/3/2014 8:52:04 AM


Review: Excellent sourcing, great quality, bioavailable.


Martha Bradley on 8/13/2014 2:02:15 PM


Review: So far, so good! This product is highly recommended by my cousin. Looking forward to a much lower cholesterol level in December!

"Wild Antarctic Krill Oil"

Sherry Dugas on 7/10/2014 3:50:45 AM


Review: My husband and I have been taking the Antarctic Krill Oil 1000mg. daily for almost as long as the product has been available. We are both healthy, active and get good lab results at yearly physicals. We are pleased with the product and trust the quality.

"High purity krill"

LM Walla on 6/14/2014 6:58:23 AM


Review: Wild, sustainable, without fillers krill; most bioavailable form of omega-3s. Great product.

"great product"

char Wrighton on 5/28/2014 4:59:13 PM


Review: I have no idea if it is working. I am 66, weight train, run and work 16 hours a day. Is Krill and their salmon oil and vitamin D the reason? Maybe.

"Krill oil is great"

Kathy on 5/2/2014 4:37:12 PM


Review: I am always pleased with the products from Vital Choice. I use both the Krill and the Salmon oil and it is excellent!!!

"Vital Red Wild Antarctic Krill Oil"

Patricia Munson-Eye on 4/10/2014 4:08:28 AM


Review: We continue to have great reports from our blood work - triglycerides reduced, cholesterol lower. It didn't happen until we started taking this - it's been several years now. It's the best .

"Vital Red Krill Oil 1000 mg"

Patricia Munson Eye on 1/25/2013 9:47:01 AM


Review: I have had very, very high triglycerides for many years (300, and even up to 600). Since taking Kill Oil (1000 mg in the a.m.) my levels are in a normal range. I also take 1000 mg Salmon Oil at night (recommended by the cardiologist). I could not be happier.

"EYES: Corneal Dystrophy and Corneal Erosion Resolved"

Bev on 7/31/2012 9:32:39 AM


Review: After trying many fish oils, it was when I tried Vital Choice Asaxanthin (1 capsule) and Krill Oil (3 capsules) that the Corneal Erosions which I had repeatedly for several years stopped! The dry eye problem also resolved! I no longer need eye drops, ointments etc. and it has been over a year since this happened. I continue to take both products and so far no problems. Give it a try if you have these issues, nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"Krill Oil"

Josephine Butler on 12/21/2011 6:47:08 AM



Krill oil is very good. However, I'm wondering what the difference is between the astaxanthin (4mg) in your Astaxanthin supplement AND the pure astaxanthin (200mcg) and esterified astaxanthin (400mcg) found in your Krill Oil?
There is no difference. "Pure" (astaxanthin diol) and "esterified" (astaxanthin bound to fatty acids) are two ways of measuring the astaxanthin content of any food or supplement.
Both Vital Choice Astaxanthin and Vital Choice Krill Oil contain natural astaxanthin, and the amounts can be expressed either as "pure" (astaxanthin diol) or "esterified" astaxanthin. The measurement of 4mg per capsule in our Astaxanthin supplement is the amount of "pure" astaxanthin (astaxanthin diol).
As explained in “Inflated astaxanthin numbers abound”, we provide both measurements of the astaxanthin in our Krill Oil because most other brands use the "inflated" esterified astaxanthin number, and we want people to be able to make an "apples to apples" comparison of the astaxanthin levels in Vital Choice Krill Oil versus other krill oils.

"Krill Oil"

George F on 1/20/2011 12:33:29 PM


Review: This is hands down the best krill oil supplement on the market, also the most healthy. Other products have ingredients that are not necessary. People may think this is expensive, but your are paying for what you get. Also astaxanthin which is a super healthy antioxidant is in krill oil. I don't even like to consider this a supplement, it's food that everyone needs. Also don't worry about the amount, such as milligrams, it all depends on how much your body absorbs.

"Best option"

Jerry Davis on 12/13/2010 10:30:23 AM


Review: I've looked at a lot of krill oil options and appreciate the fish gelatin capsules and attention to sustainability. Great product!


Luc Chene on 11/23/2010 11:13:02 AM



The product is good and has pleasant smell. It is difficult to feel obvious health benefits, but it would be nice to have more comparison with other brands, by example Mercola's has 1.2 mg of asthaxanthin compared to VitalChoice's 0.2mg. Why such a difference?
  • First, the amounts of astaxanthin in our Vital Red brand and Dr. Mercola’s brand are stated in micrograms (mcg), which means that they are 1000 times lower than if they were (incorrectly) stated in milligram (mg) amounts.
  • More importantly, our krill oil contains about as much astaxanthin per gram as stated on the label of Dr. Mercola’s brand, which comes from a different supplier. His krill oil appears to contain more because, unlike his brand, we disclose the astaxanthin amount both the in the accurate diol form, and in the ester-bound form. Most krill oil brands, including Mercola, only use the misleading ester-bound astaxanthin number, which is about double the biologically useful diol count. (For more on this, see "Inflated astaxanthin numbers abound".)
  • Our brand contains 200mcg of astaxanthin diol per 2-gm serving, which is roughly equal to 400mcg of ester-bound astaxanthin.
  • This advantage of Vital Red Krill Oil may be due to our supplier’s novel, high-tech harvesting system, which protects the krill and their oil from oxidation.
  • Unlike Dr. Mercola's brand, our Vital Red Krill Oil is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.
  • And unlike Dr. Mercola's brand, Vital Red Krill Oil is extracted using non-toxic ethanol, while we understand that his brand is extracted using hexane ... a far less benign solvent.


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